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Wellness Consultations

The Natural Approach

Natural, holistic approaches utilizing herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle can address physical and mental concerns, without the need to take pharmaceuticals and experience their potential side effects and high costs. Rather than addressing symptoms, a holistic natural approach focuses on healing the underlying cause of physical, emotional and mental disease and disorders. Natural supports can also be very helpful in reducing the symptoms of long standing or congenital conditions and support quicker, more comprehensive recovery from surgery or injury.

Below are a few options for you to consider if you are ready to, or already, embrace natural healing. Not sure what is right for you?  Book a complementary preliminary consultation to find out what options best meets your needs.

Personalized Wellness Plan

Have you ever had someone take the time to really listen to how you feel? Have you been chasing symptoms from one specialist to another without finding healing?

Perhaps it’s time to develop a holistic wellness plan, that utilizes natural healing approaches, which honours the legacy of our traditional healers and modern science, and that is uniquely tailored to your lifestyle, fitness, and diet preferences and, most important, your goals. I utilize a combination of assessment tools and personal knowledge in working with you to create a plan that is manageable, paced and affordable. A personalized Wellness Plan includes ongoing assessment, coaching and the support you need to achieve real and lasting results. Plans can be tailored to address physical or emotional concerns, weight loss, healthy aging, or whatever your goals are.

Herbal & Supplement Regime Check-in

Do you already have a herbal or supplement regime, but are not sure if it is really targeting your concerns and health goals? Or, do you wonder if you really need to be taking everything that you have or are missing something? So many of us read about a particular supplement, or a friend tells us how wonderfully a product has helped them, and decide give it a try, but are not sure it is really helping. The array of herbs and supplements that are supportive in addressing any one condition is numerous. What is right for one person's needs can very different for another, depending on many factors such as age, heath condition, sex, constitution and genetics. A herbal/supplement check-in can help you feel confident that your regime is meeting your needs, avoids unnecessary expense and time-consuming trail and error, not to mention the risk of contraindications.

Targeted Issue Consultation

For those that are looking for targeted advice to address a specific issue, a short, focused consultation can save you hours of research and searching health food stores for the right product. Whether your just looking for a good herbal formula for sleep, anxiety, allergies, high blood pressure, irritable bowel or want a cleanse to feel clean and refreshed, a Targeted Issue Consultation will give you the confidence that you have what your body needs. Consultation fees vary depending on the scope of the issue.

Herbs and Supplements

As a herbalist, familiar with growing, preparing and blending my own herbal remedies, I searched and tested many commercial herbal formulations. For over 14 years, I have used and recommended products from Nature's Sunshine Products Canada, with a 45+ year track record of quality, safety and availability of herbal blends based on the best Western and Chinese traditions, and extensive research, testing and quality control. Most of my clients appreciate the convenience of having products delivered to their doorstep, with multiple options for savings and the superior results that Nature's Sunshine products provide. However, please know that the choice is always yours as to where you access your herbals and supplements. For those that choose Nature's Sunshine products, I provide ongoing support via email for any questions you have about products and a monthly check in, as needed.

Preliminary Consult (20 min) - Complementary

Herbal & Supplement Regime Alignment $45
Targeted Issue Advice $65
Comprehensive Assessment plus personalized Wellness Plan $115