Sacred Spaces Workshop

Creating Powerful Energetic Containers for Healing and Spiritual Exploration

Goddess holding planet

Creating Sacred Space is about evoking the Divine, along with beings and powers beyond physical reality, to create safe and effective energetic containers, a liminal space between this physical reality and other dimensions, for healing, initiation, honouring and awakening.  

When we enter into expanded states of consciousness, we open ourselves to beings and powers beyond this reality. We are also open to the energetic imprints of our life experience and those of others sharing the space.   Invoking Sacred Space is a key element for creating safe and powerful containers, contributing to the ‘set (mindset) and ‘setting,’ for healing and exploration, alone and in group settings.  

This workshop is inspired by my own journey of learning how to create powerful and protective Sacred containers with ceremony from several indigenous traditions and teachers and, ultimately, the teachings of my western ancestry in Druidry, one branch of Celtic or pagan tradition.

Would you like to learn about and experience Sacred Space?

Drawing on Celtic Druid traditions, we will gather in Sacred Space and:

  • Learn a basic structure for opening and closing Sacred Space, how to work in liminal spaces, how to invite and engage with spirits and allies, and how to manage the energies in the space.

  • Experience a guided journey, an initiation for opening Sacred Space, connecting participants to the energies and practices of creating and holding the container. 

  • Learn basic concepts of Druidry/Celtic Paganism, and how it aligns with a western lineage. 

  • Hold a sharing space to discuss other traditions for the creation of Sacred Space and how we can weave a personal practice that feels comfortable, right and respectful for a variety of settings and situations. 

Who should attend?

All are welcome, regardless of experience, lineage, practice or tradition.

This workshop will be of particular interest anyone who explores or facilitates personal or group journeys (breathwork, psychedelics, shamanic journey, healing circles, etc.) and desires to enhance or develop practices for the creation of Sacred containers.  This workshop will not include the partaking of psychedelic medicine, although discussion of the use of psychedelics is welcomed. 

It will also be of interest to anyone drawn to or curious about Celtic, Pagan or Druid practices. 


Date:                Dates for next workshop under development

Time:                10:00 – 4:00 pm (with break)

Location:         The Yurt at Ahimsal Healing in Nature,  

                              5689 David Road, Ladysmith ( near Nanaimo Airport)

Cost:                   $100 (limited number of partial scholarships available)  

Registration:  Pre-registration and payment is required  

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Marilyn Hargreaves

Certified Hypnotherapist & Facilitator of Expanded Consciousness 

Owner of Triology® Wellness

I am a certified hypnotherapist, trainer, herbalist and ceremony facilitator, supporting people on their healing and spiritual journey. I have a background in science and a keen interest in metaphysical and quantum studies.  

My core practice is Druidry, my ancestry, although I weave a personal spirituality that includes and honours other Indigenous and Christian mystical traditions and practices.

I am passionate about the value and beauty of ritual in our lives, and my heart sings when we gather in community to learn, share, heal and celebrate, with openness and curiosity.  This workshop is my offering, a sharing of my knowledge and experience in the creation of Sacred Space, and insights to the practices of ancient and modern Druidry.