Integration Support

Expanded Consciousness

Let's start by having creating a shared understanding around the concept of "expanded consciousness" sometimes referred to as "altered states of consciousness." In the context of what I offer, I am referring to the experience of having one's mind opened to a new or larger kind of awareness in which we experience ourselves beyond the limited orientation of human being, beyond the stories of who we believe ourselves to be in the three dimensional world, where we can engage with the world around us in ways that are enhanced or novel from what we experience day-to-day with our human senses . In an expanded state of consciousness, we can connect to the eternal nature to our essence, which is sometimes called our "higher self", "soul" or "multi-dimensional self". From this perspective, we come to realize that we are part of a mysterious and complex Universe, of which we are both individual and part of a collective. This ultimate collective experience is often referred to as a state of "Oneness". Between limited human being experience and Oneness, there are many gradations or layers of "Self" that we can experience. As we enter into this state of expanded consciousness, have the opportunity to explore the multitude of ways in which we can experience "Self," and we see more clearly the patterns and meaning of our life and what is needed to bring us into harmony with ourselves.

As humans, we have flexibility in how we sense and experiencing ourselves, the world, and even our place in the Cosmos. We humans have been exploring these questions though various techniques for millennia, in all cultures, and for various purposes. The number of ways in which we can experience expanded consciousness (or altered states of consciousness) is actually quite vast. Most think of psychedelics, facilitated hypnotic states like Life Between Lives® or Quantum Consciousness Experience, deep meditation, and breathwork as pathways to expanding our consciousness. However, we can experience these expanded states of consciousness though intense sports, fasting, illness or near-death, to name a few. For some, the experience is simply offered though Divine Grace - a mystical unfolding of touching into something great than us. While we mostly hear about the amazing healing offered and beautiful or mystic states of connection, some experiences can be very challenging, confusing, or even scary. This is where the support of someone who is familiar with these states, and how to navigate them to find the gifts of insight and integrate them into your life, can make the difference between enriching your life versus destabilizing your life. We call this Integration Support.

While there are many reasons to purse expanded states of consciousness, many are turning to facilitated approaches outlined above to heal traumatic wounding, and to live in more harmony with themselves, others and the Earth. Imagine what life on earth would be like if we honoured and supported ourselves, others and the planet by being in the highest most harmonious vibration of our authentic selves. Imagine what it would be like to know that we are connected to every other human, and even the plants, animals and the Earth itself, and that our healing is a collective healing, while our contraction leads to a collective contraction. We might be called to change our relationship to self and every other being, including Earth.

With the objective of personal healing and growth, we can be given opportunities to see and understand how we created strategies to meet our needs for love, protection and attachment, usually at the cost of our authenticity. While these strategies may have served us as children, and even as adults, they can lead to much internal and external suffering, when they limit us from being our authentic self and living a life aligned with our true nature and higher purpose. These states offer us an opportunity to move beyond the limitations and protections of the human mind to discover our most authentic self. How can you make the most of your experiences and insights gained though expanded states of consciousness? By approaching the experience with clear intention and committing to the process of mindful Integration.


Integration is about making lasting positive change in your life from the insights and wisdom gained in states of expanded consciousness.

Having a beautiful expanded consciousness experiences is wonderful, and everyone deserves to have these significant moments in their lives. Not surprisingly, most people show up to do this work because they want to create positive long-lasting, significant change in their life. If that is the case, integration work must be intentional. That said, it is very important to begin with a clear intention, which is developed by knowing what it is you want to change or at least what isn't working for you and committing to a path of conscious integration. Intention and Integration are like the packing and unpacking for the journey you will take.

With the knowledge that we each hold the innate capacity for our own healing and awakening, Marilyn offers a safe and sacred container for you clarify your intention and unpack the wisdom offered in your experience of expanded consciousness. She will assist you with approaches for you to find meaning from your experience and to integrate your experience into your day-to-day life and support your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. If you have yet to take the dive into a state of expanded consciousness, then you may want to consider reaching out for support in preparing for the journey though intention setting, as well as support to integrate your experience.

Transformation wouldn’t be possible without the deep work that follows our journeys of discovery. Integration is a vital, necessary, and important part of long-lasting growth and development.

Preliminary Phone Consultation (30 min)

Preparation, Intention Setting and Integration Counselling $110 hr.