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Are there habits... behaviours.... and experiences that hold you back from experiencing fulfillment and joy in your life, and limit you from achieving the highest expression of yourself? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, self-sabotage or trauma?

Whether you realize it or not, your subconscious mind is the memory warehouse of every event, every conversation, every thought that you have experienced in your life. The memories, charged by the emotions that imprinted at the time the memory was created, become the unconscious code, or belief system, that expresses through your day-to-day actions, behaviours and physical well-being.

If the events that created the code are positive and life affirming, they serve you to grow, expand, and succeed. If the events were negative and non-life affirming, they create limiting beliefs, holding you back from growth and success. An event does not need to be big "T" traumatic to have a significant effect on your belief system and behaviours. In fact, even a single cruel word spoken at a vulnerable time can be the imprint for a life of poor self-esteem. Trauma, whether big "T" trauma or little "t" trauma, often do lead to limiting beliefs and expressions such as anxiety, depression, self-sabotage and a range of physical issues.

Hypnotherapy can be an effective and efficient way to re-write the code by discovering the root cause, or first event, that wrote the code and set the pattern in motion. Because the unconscious mind holds the memories, and the emotions that lock them in place, accessing the unconscious mind through various hypnotic and somatic (body-based) approaches can be the key that allows you to re-write the code of your life.

Hypnotherapy is a perfectly safe and comfortable altered state in which your conscious mind is quieted, allowing the unconscious mind to be accessed. By assisting you to reach a state of relaxation, often referred to as “trance”, that the events and emotions of your unconscious mind can be accessed and examined safely without re-traumatization - freeing you to write a new code that aligns with your goals and desires for the highest expression of yourself.

Marilyn gently facilitates her client’s hypnotic trance and, using additional modalities such as childhood regression, parts therapy, Focusing, and body wisdom, holding the space for deep and transformational healing. Hypnotherapy is provided in the broader environment of counseling in such a manner that her clients have the time and support to discover their limiting patterns and internal resources, then create a plan for integration and exploration of the practical application of their therapeutic experience into their day to day lives.

Preliminary Phone Consultation (30 min) Complementary 

Therapy Session (1 hour) $115

Therapy Session (1.5 hours) $155

Therapy Session (2 hours) $195