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Expanded Consciousness Explorations

The following provides brief descriptions on several possibilities for exploring deeper aspects of who you are though Expanded Consciousness facilitation. While presented as stand alone therapies, my approach is to tailor a session to meet your individual needs and goals taking into account your personal history and personality. I encourage you to read more about Expanded Consciousness on the Integration Support page, and to reach out though the Contact Form to set up a complementary consultation to answer your questions and explore what path is most aligned to your needs, goals and personality.

Perinatal Regression

Allowing your consciousness to travel back to the first moments of your spirit's entry into this life is a precious and enlightening experience. Floating in the watery environment of your mother's womb is the time when your Soul still remembers that you are an eternal being, yet becoming aware of your physical form. In these first months in human form, you are already beginning to form thoughts and dreams about your life. The opportunity to explore both your Soul's characteristics, as well as your human form's personality, can provide deep insight into your life experiences and beliefs. But the womb is not only about you, you are surrounded by the energy, thoughts and emotions of your mother and even other members of your family. Did it feel loving and safe, or was there strain and strife permeating your being? This field of energy shaped what you think about yourself and your life ahead, and understanding what was you and what was other, how your soul aligns/mis-aligns with your human personality can unlock some deep insights into your thoughts and behaviours.

Marilyn is trained and certified in perinatal (womb) regression facilitation, through the Michael Newton Institute (MNI) for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Womb Regression sessions last approximately 2.0 hours. Audio recordings are made of the sessions to help you refer back to the information that was gathered.

Past Life Regression

Through the emotional experience and intellectual insight of your past lives, you can unlock insightful information about your soul’s purpose, the recurrent relationship patterns you form with certain people (other souls), the origin of deep-rooted fears and phobias to literally discover yourself in a whole new light. The journey of past life regression is akin to the collection of puzzle pieces, where the picture starts to become clearer as you pursue your exploration of the territory beyond your current incarnation. When you have gathered enough pieces, and glimpsed the picture in its wholeness, the vision of yourself in your timeless presence is one that you will be sure never to forget. Connecting with yourself in other lifetimes also offers the opportunity of see and clear recurrent patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs, as well as retrieving valuable skills, gifts, beliefs and attitude that can assist you in your current life.

Past Life Regression requires an expansions of your consciousness to access other experience of your immortal soul. It requires emotional maturity, a willingness to explore and an open, curious mind. We begin by creating a sense of comfort and relaxation before inviting our subconscious mind to reveal pleasant memories and experiences of your younger self in your current incarnation. From there we invite our soul, or higher self, to reveal a past life experience that your "Higher Self" feels to be of most benefit to you, assimilate the learning, and finally re-entering your present timeline. During a past life regression, you are guided to explore yourself in another time and body, then assist you to integrate the traits, attitudes and experiences that you discover from alternate lifetimes to bring greater meaning and understanding to your life today.

Marilyn is trained and certified past life regression facilitation. Past Life Regression sessions last approximately 3.0 hours. Audio recordings are made of the sessions to help you refer back to the information that was gathered.

Life Between Lives® Exploration

Have you ever wondered why you are here? Where you come from? What happens when you die? As we grapple with these Big Questions, we often look outside ourselves for the answers — in all sorts of books, through visits to psychics, or in the presence of a spiritual guru or advisor. Those sources of information may help you shed light on what you seek, but they also share the same provenance: they are outside of ourselves. Consider the implications if you were able to access answers to those Big Questions from your own Soul mind, and hear your own truth, without anyone telling you or interpreting it for you. Imagine your own eternal knowledge coming to the fore, in your own words, without any need to meditate deeply, become a shaman or have a near-death experience.

Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy, was developed by Dr. Michael Newton as a way to access your soul mind through hypnosis to obtain the answers to your deepest questions. With this method, the way to access the spirit world is opened. Now retired from his clinical work,Dr. Newton has overseen the training of a limited number of Hypnotherapists, in over 40 countries, to carry on his pioneering work.

Marilyn is a certified Life Between Lives® Facilitator and member of theMichael Newton Institute (MNI) for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. She served collectively for over seven years as a volunteer on MNI's Research Committee, Ethics Panel and as a Director. She has also co-Author of two books about Life Between Lives® experiences including Llewellyn's Little Book of Life Between Lives and Wisdom of Souls, as her contribution to the achievement of MNI's mission of raising personal and collective consciousness by reawakening our immortal identity and integrating Spiritual Consciousness into our human experience.

To experience a Life Between Lives® exploration, it is necessary to prepare by completing a Past Life Regression (PLR) first in a separate session. This allows you to build the skills necessary to enter an fully expanded state of consciousness necessary for this soul journey. The first PLR is invaluable in bringing forward information about your Soul's experiences that assist you in defining or refining the questions you have for your Higher Self and the Beings that are in support of your Soul's evolution. You are encouraged to read Llewellyn's Little Book of Life Between Lives, or begin with Dr. Newton's first book,Journey of Souls to gain a more complete understanding of the process and types of experiences possible trough, Life Between Lives® exploration.  Life Between Lives® sessions last approximately 4.5 - 5.0 hours.  Audio recordings are made of the sessions to help you refer back to the information that was gathered.

Quantum Consciousness Experience

TheQuantum Consciousness Experience (QCE) takes us beyond even the expanded states of past lives and Life Between Lives. For those that are ready to embrace themselves as quantum energetic beings, we open the portal to all we have ever been and the infinite possibilities of who we are. The Quantum Conscious Experience was develop by Peter Smith, who began his work with Dr. Newton and Life® Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Peter founded the Institute for Quantum Consciousness.

Though the Quantum Conscious Experience, we are reminded that we are a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored – quantum energetic beings. We are also consciousness itself, capable of altered states of being that bring divine wisdom and insight, so often forgotten in this human form. The Quantum Conscious Experience is one that takes us through the human portal into ever expanding realms of consciousness. This safe and natural journey is undertaken in the energy of service, offered by a Facilitator who brings forward a state of remembering, as the you embraces your expanded state of being. You are guided to expand beyond time and space as we know it, through different states of awareness, healing and exploration of aspects of yourself. The journey begins by exploring your Stored Consciousness, which holds all the experiences in your current lifetime, as we ask these aspects of ourselves to come forward to share wisdom or healing. You then travel through the realm of your Alternate Consciousness, where your important life decisions created a replication of yourself in an alternate reality. We meet and share time with these alternates who have much to offer. Next we move through your Parallel Consciousness, where we are active in other bodies on this earth, in another period of Earth’s history, also referred to as past lives. Again there is an exchange that leaves all aspects of ourselves in a higher vibration. Next we visit your Inter-dimensional Consciousness where you experience the knowing of being in other life forms or dimensions again for that same exchange of energy and healing. Finally you embrace your Eternal Consciousness and pause to experience that transformational energy before blending and resting in the "All There Is."

To learn more about the Quantum Consciousness Experience, I encourage you to view this short QCE video that provides an overview of the Quantum Consciousness Experience. Please schedule a complementary phone or Zoom consultation to find out if QCE is right for you.

Marilyn is a member of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness and is certified in QCE facilitation. Sessions are typically 3.5 hours in length. Audio recordings are made of the sessions to help you refer back to the information that was gathered.

Preliminary Phone Consultation (30 min) Complementary 

Womb Regression (2.0 hr) $195

Past Life Regression (PLR) (3.0 hr) $275

Life Between Lives (LBL) Exploration (5 hr) $465

Past Life Regression & Life Between Lives (LBL) Package $675

Quantum Consciousness Experience (3.5 hour) $345