Triology® is my personal healing philosophy that utilizes multiple healing modalities to achieve healthy, purposeful living that honours the innate wisdom of each aspect of self – body, mind and soul.


I am passionate about assisting those who seek to live with vibrancy, health and joy. I have lived, studied and now practice Triology®. I approach wellness as a partnership with my clients, exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being, to co-create an approach to aligned your individual healing needs and Soul's aspirations.

My personal journey has affirmed that dis-ease stems from more than the assaults to the physical body. Traumas, stress, unhealthy relationships, and the disconnect that many feel between how they are living and their Soul’s desires, can manifest in physical and mental distress.

In my own quest for healing and understanding, I have been gifted with many teachers and life events that have led me to investigate and train in multiple healing modalities including herbalism, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, shamanism, Christian mysticism, energy healing, coaching and mediation.

I am a certified hypnotherapist with the Canadian Hypnosis Association that, along with multiple other modalities, provides me the tools to assist you to open doorways to healing the emotional and spiritual overlays that cause the mental and physical dis-ease. For those ready for deeper investigation into the Soul’s character, challenges, relationships and purpose, I am certified in Past Life Regression, Perinatal Regression, Life Between Lives® Facilitation, though the Michael Newton Institute® and Quantum Consciousness Facilitation though the Institute of Quantum Consciousness®.

For those exploring expanded consciousness pathways such as psychedelic or breath work, I bring my experience and training in shamanic practices of Celtic heritage, and from my medicine teachers of Peruvian and North American indigenous lineages, to prepare for and integrate your journeys. My experience in navigating these soul-scapes and inter-dimensional spaces though myth and metaphor, body wisdom, with the support of plant and animal allies, spiritual guides and teachers, brings a richness to the process of unpacking the wisdom and healing received though these sacred journeys and integrating them into your life.

"If you are ready to heal and awaken, it would be an honour to be your guide to that which you seek."